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PHILOS is an R&D-focused membrane manufacturing company that has produced various kinds of membrane-related products and systems for almost two decades. It carries a long experience in providing solutions for the water treatment industry as until now, PHILOS has mainly focused on MBR and UF membranes for wastewater treatment, water treatment, separation, and concentration respectively. Not only limited to the water, but PHILOS has currently developed and is producing air dehumidification and humidifiers for hydrogen fuel cells, as wells as membrane bio-reactors for cell culture. In addition, PHILOS also produces systems related to the R&D and production of membranes. All in all, PHILOS strives to provide its customers with a total solution related to the membrane.


Our History

PHILOS was founded in Korea in 2002. In the early days of its founding, it has mainly focused on research equipment related to membranes. From 2004, membrane development and production began. PHILOS commercialized composite membrane using braid as a support for the first time in Korea. In 2004, PHILOS was selected as a “technology innovation company” by the Korean government. Since 2006, PHILOS has become a subsidiary of Korea Water Purification Industry, the number one water company in Korea, and has commercialized and widely distributed membranes suitable for pure water production, water reuse, and seawater desalination of power plants. In 2012, PHILOS separated from Korea Water Purification Industry and started a new leap forward. Now it has grown into a company specializing in membrane materials and systems.

Our Products

PHILOS's products can be classified into three categories; membranes, membrane manufacturing systems, and consumer products. PHILOS produces state-of-the-art technology and design for all of its products. In the case of membrane products, we provide Hollow fiber MBR and UF membrane for water treatment and wastewater treatment. Similarly, we also offer a dehumidification membrane for controlling air humidity, a humidifier membrane for fuel cells, and a bio-reactor for cell culture. Likewise, PHILOS also offers pure water purifiers and containerized systems for water and wastewater treatment. In addition, PHILOS is also actively working on developing research devices that manufacture and evaluate the performance of both hollow fiber and flat sheet type membranes. On the other hand, PHILOS's daughter company, Wellspring is working on providing portable water purifiers, long-term disinfectant coating agents, enzyme sanitizers, and SC (Supercapacitor) batteries. Moreover, It also provides and supports water purification systems related to appropriate technology for underserved communities around the world.


Our Vision

The vision of PHILOS is to become a specialized company in membrane development society by producing and providing total solutions for membrane technology. We envision providing not only world-class membrane module products but also membrane development systems that possess advanced technology and design to solve the problems related to air and water fields. In addition, through our technology and business, we aim to provide appropriate technologies to people around the world including underserved communities so that they can lead a quality life with happiness and satisfaction. 


Our Technology and Core Strength

Founder of PHILOS Dr. Jeong-Hak Kim has been researching membrane manufacturing for 40 years since 1982. He is the first in Korea to commercialize membranes. Therefore, until now, PHILOS has been developing and commercializing various membranes for 20 years. Moreover, PHILOS also has many ideas for the new fields in separation technology. It also holds 50 patents related to membrane manufacturing and application with more than 1000 references in membrane and system installations.  So far, more than 20 government-sponsored projects have been successfully carried out as well. The core strength of PHILOS is, above all the “diverse experience, creativity and knowledge in membrane technology”. PHILOS has already had enough of experiences in this field, so many of our customers have mentioned about having a pleasure working with us. 







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Our History

|Initial Stage

  • 2002.06 Established PHILOS

  • 2004.04 Selected as a technology innovation company

  • 2004.07 Established Philos Corporation

  • 2004.12 Hollow fiber membrane spinning facility, wet and wet flat membrane manufacturing facility. Introduced Braid reinforcing film coating facility

  • 2004.12 Awarded the bronze prize at the Korea Startup Competition, certified as a government-authorized "Frontier" company

  • 2005.01 Registered as a government certified "Venture" company

  • 2005.03 Established Philos Separation Technology Research Center

  • 2005.10 Commercialized Braid Reinforcing Membrane (RCM, Reinforced Capillary Membrane)

|Take-off Stage

  • 2006.01 Expansion and relocation of business sites in Sihwa Industrial Complex and registration of factories

  • 2007.03 Commercialized Megaflux-MBR, submerged module for MBR

  • 2007.08 Introduction of hollow fiber membrane mass production facility

  • 2007.10 Developed external circulation type i-MBR module for heavy water and water recycling

  • 2010.06 Signed the first official agency in Korea with Nitto-Denko (Hydranautics USA) in Japan

|Growth Stage

  • 2011.07 Gwangmyeong Office headquarters and research institute relocated

  • 2012.01 Established the 1st factory in Ansan

  • 2012.06 Selected as the best rated company by the Technology Guarantee Fund (selected by A Membbers)

  • 2012.10 Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) "Knowledge Mentoring" business agreement

  • 2013.02 Quality management certification (ISO:9001, ISO:14001)

  • 2013.05 Developed and commercialized the air-air Braid MF module Super-M

  • 2013.07 SK Happiness Sharing Foundation Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival Grand Prize

  • 2013.10 Gyeonggi Science Promotion Agency (Gstep) Development Project Gyeonggi Governor Excellence Award

  • 2014. 01 Established the 2nd factory in Ansan

  • 2014.08 Commercialized portable water purifier Wellspring

  • 2015.01 Developed and commercialized UF module Megaflux-CUF for large-capacity water treatment

  • 2016.01 Wellspring product development and commercialization

  • 2017.01 Dehumidification membrane and module development

  • 2017.12 Dongtan Membrane production plant expansion and relocation

Certification & Approval

ISO 9001_ENG.jpeg
ISO 14001_ENG.jpeg

|Award Details


  • IR52 "Jang Young-sil" Award (1992, CEO Award)

  • Bronze statue at Korea Venture Fair (2004)

  • Grand Prize at Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival (2014)

  • Gyeonggi-do science and technology merit commendation (2014)

  • Green Technology Presentation Excellence Award (2015)

|Certification Status


  • Frontier company certification

  • INNO-Biz company certification

  • Venture company certification

  • Factory (ISO9001,14001 certification) registration

  • ​Company-affiliated research institute certification

|National Project

  • Development of DIY water purification system using hollow fiber membrane complex process suitable for high turbidity or lime-containing raw water treatment (2017. Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Development of pore-penetrating composite membrane and element for heavy metal removal (2017, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Development and supply of appropriate local technology for safe drinking water supply (2016, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Development of practical material technology for quorum detection inhibitor for energy reduction of wastewater treatment MBR (2015, Ministry of Environment)

  • Purchasing conditional-Development of cartridge module using high-efficiency braid reinforcing membrane (2015, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • PRO hollow fiber membrane and module development (2014, Korea Institute of Energy Research)

  • Localization of redox flow battery materials and components (2014, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

  • Biofouling identification, control and cleaning technology development in forward osmosis-reverse osmosis hybrid process (2012, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

  • Herbal bioethanol production and by-product utilization technology development by enzymatic hydrolysis (2011, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

  • Development of technology to inhibit eutrophication of lake water using electrolytic coagulation and hollow fiber support (2011, Gyeonggi-do)

  • Development of sewage treatment and effluent reuse process using membrane hybrid process (2011, Ministry of Environment)

  • Hybrid-eco water generator unit system development (2007, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation)

  • Developed a packaged high-efficiency heavy water treatment system (2007, Samsung C&T)

  • A Study on the Synthesis of Membrane Manufacturing Raw Materials and the Development of Dope Manufacturing Process Improvement Technology (2006, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Development of various pore separators using hydrophilic materials (2004, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Self-cleaning support reinforced capillary filtration membrane module and water treatment system technology development and industrialization (2004, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Development of a degassing system using a separation membrane (2004, Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Reuse of plating process wastewater using membrane (2004, Industrial Complex Corporation)

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