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Laboratory pure water manufacturing equipment


| Laboratory pure water manufacturing equipment, TheSUNSU

TheSUNSU creates pure water by removing various ionic components, impurities, and organic substances dissolved in the water.

If you use it as a pretreatment for your ultra pure water manufacturing equipment, you can extend the filter replacement cycle by more than 3 times. In addition, the quality of the perfect ultra pure water can be maintained continuously.

TheSUNSU produces over 1 L of pure water per minute. It is advantageous when using large amounts of pure water.

It can be used as experimental reaction water, washing water, equipment washing water, and food water.


| Pure water package system for production, TheSUNSU--10


TheSUNSU-10 is a large-capacity pure water package system that can be applied to industrial fields that require pure water such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio, food, and chemical industries.

There is no longer a need to pipe pure water from the basement or corner of the factory for use. You can manufacture and use pure water directly in the place where pure water is used. You can easily move to the place you need. You can produce pure water right away and use it immediately, ensuring perfect water quality.

When using higher quantities of pure water, install TheSUNSU-10 in parallel. TheSUNSU takes up less space. Now, do not manage the water quality with a central supply type, and make pure water directly from the point-of-use.

TheSUNSU-10 produces 400 liters of pure per hour (up to 10 tons per day). Since enough pure water is produced, TheSUNSU can use it for various purposes.

It can also be used by upgrading to ultrapure water (ASTM II ngrade) or virus removal 99.9999%, depending on the needs of the consumer.

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