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UF membrane module for water treatment


SCAF is a PVDF UF membrane module with precise pore size suitable for water treatment. SCAF is used as a pretreatment of RO membrane for water purification of groundwater and surface water, industrial water, water reuse and desalination. SCAF is used in a variety of water treatment industries, ranging from small to large volumes.

| Features of SCAF UF module

SCAF is a UF membrane module exclusively for water treatment using PVDF hollow fiber membrane with strong membrane strength. It completely removes suspended slids, colloids and bacteria by using a precise membrane with an average pore size of 0.03 ㎛.

The SCAF UF module can maintain stable water flux and removal efficiency for a long time through periodic air flushing and back-washing.

As PVDF membrane shows 3N tensile strength, it maintains perfect quality for a long time without fiber breakage during system operation.


| Main use of SCAF

  • Drinking water essence

  • Industrial water treatment

  • Water reuse

  • Manufacture of pure, sterile water

  • Pretreatment of Desalination RO membrane

| Specification of SCAF UF membrane module

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