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​Membrane for wastewater treatment

Megaflux-MBR is a submergible membrane module optimized for wastewater treatment MBR process.

PHILOS has developed the highest performance composite membrane and anti-pollution technology.

Megaflux-MBR shows stable filtration performance for a long period of time even in the MBR wastewater treatment process under adverse conditions.


| Features of Megaflux-MBR

High-strength braid composite hollow fiber PVDF membrane, which does not break even during operation, is used to maintain stable water quality for a long time.


There is an Aeration Ball on the top of the element (Patent technology). This technology solves the problem of sludge accumulation on the membrane element. Megaflux-MBR hardly increases the pressure even after long-term operation.


Air diffuser is designed to facilitate sludge discharge. The cleaning effect of the membrane is excellent because the sludge does not block the pores of the air diffuser during operation.


There are 3 types of elements for each length. It is highly customizable to various site conditions. There is no difficulty in replacing third-party products. When replacing a third-party membrane, there is no need to modify a separate cassette guide. In addition, Megaflux-MBR is designed with various specifications for each processing capacity.


| Uses of Megaflux-MBR

  • Sewage and wastewater treatment

  • Heavy water treatment and water reuse

  • High-load, high-concentration wastewater treatment such as livestock wastewater, leachate, and food wastewater

  • Essence of high turbidity raw water

| Megaflux-MBR Specification

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