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Megaflux-CUF is a DIY assembly UF membrane skid block commercialized for water purification. Megaflux-CUF is a large-capacity water treatment UF system that combines a UF module with an integrated pipe structure, an assembled pipe composed of injection products, and a base frame. Easy to assemble and compact, Megaflux-CUF enables field assembly and minimizes installation time and cost.


| Features of Megaflux-CUF

Megaflux-CUF is a system block in which UF module and skid are integrated. This product is a DIY type system in which membrane module, concentrate piping, permeate piping, manifolds and skid are assembled into one body, and it is economical because it can greatly reduce the installation area and installation period.

Establish Megaflux-CUF.JPG

Megaflux-CUF is applied with UF hollow fiber membrane made of PVDF, and shows perfect particle removal rate and high water flow. In addition, an air diffuser is installed inside the module to enable efficient air flushing and prevent membrane fouling.

air diffuser.png

Depending on the processing capacity, modules can be connected in series or in parallel, and skid blocks can be merged to reduce the cost of on-site piping connection construction.


Megaflux-CUF modules and piping can be connected simply by joint. Disassembly and assembly is possible with only a simple tool, so it is convenient to disassemble and assemble when replacing or repairing modules, and maintenance is easy.

Megaflux-CUF conncting.JPG

| Uses of Megaflux-CUF

  • Large capacity water treatment

  • Seawater desalination

  • Reuse of sewage discharged water

  • Ultrapure water manufacturing

  • RO membrane pretreatment field

  • Seawater

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Heavy water treatment and water reuse

| Specification and operating condition of Megaflux-CUF module


| Specification of Megaflux-CUF module block

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