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|UF membrane module PHILOSEP Master for separation and concentration

PHILOSEP Master is a hollow fiber membrane UF module of various pore sizes and various materials. It is used for separation-purification-concentration of various substances such as nano particles, microorganisms, organic substances, polymer substances, and proteins.

PHILOSEP Master(1).jpg

| Features of PHILOSEP Master


PHILOSEP Master is composed of membranes of various pore sizes. PHILOSEP Master has various pore sizes such as 0.1 micron, MWCO 5K, 10K, 30K, 100K, and 300K. PHILOSEP Master is the “Master” of the separation process that allows the process of the MF-UF separation area to be performed perfectly.

PHILOS provides optimized processes and systems to effectively use PHILOS Master. PHILOS develops processes with customers and develops systems for research and development.

Various membrane systems are prepared for testing hollow fiber modules and flat sheet membranes.

You can also test the membrane separation process with consumers in PHILOS's laboratory.


| Specification of PHILOSEP Master

PHILOSEP Master Datasheet.JPG

| Use of PHILOSEP Master

  • Separation and concentration of active ingredients in the food/bio field

  • Separation and concentration of nanoparticles

  • Separation and concentration of abrasive and CMP Slurry

  • Separation and concentration of oil wastewater

  • Separation and concentration of colloid particles

  • Removal of fine impurities

  • Diafiltraton field

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