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i-MBR System

i-MBR is a new concept of side-stream filtration MBR membrane that PHILOS boasts. I-MBR, developed by applying 5 kinds of PHILOS patents, can reduce space and installation area compared to submergible membranes. In addition, it is a new concept of wastewater treatment package system that can reduce wastewater treatment costs by using less cleaning air. There is a special advantage when installing the MBR inside the building. Therefore, it is suitable for the installation of heavy water. In places where installation space is insufficient, it can be installed as a containerized system. In addition, civil works can be minimized in the case of maintenance work of wastewater treatment facilities or expansion of treatment capacity.

  • Eliminates the accumulation of foreign substances inside the module (Ends-free)

  • Filtration/pause/backwash and chemical backwash automatic operation package system

  • Easy membrane cleaning and maintenance with a separate CIP unit

  • Capacity expansion without additional structure construction according to external installation

| Features of i-MBR

High-strength braid composite hollow fiber PVDF membrane, which does not break even during operation, is used to maintain stable water quality for a long time. Ends-free type membrane is focused on the module so that sludge does not accumulate inside the module. It is characterized by being able to take advantage of the case-type module. Partial CIP, CEBW, back-wash, etc. can be efficiently performed when needed.

Structure of i-MBR module.jpg

i-MBR is a DIY assembly package system. It shortens the cost and time-consuming welding work and installation work of piping, so that the construction can be completed in a short time.

PHILOS i-MBR system establishment.jpg

Using PHILOS' Cyclic Aeration Device (Patent technology), it is possible to reduce 50% of the existing air flow by maximizing the membrane cleaning effect by sequentially supplying strong cleaning air to the i-MBR module.


In addition, chemical cleaning of i-MBR module block is possible at low cost by using the movable CIP Unit. The biggest drawback of Submergible MBR is the difficulty of CIP by removing the module from the tank.

KakaoTalk_20210310_174641746 (2).jpg

| Main uses of i-MBR

  • Sewage treatment and wastewater treatment

  • Expansion and repair of existing wastewater treatment plants

  • Installation of wastewater treatment facilities in a confined space

  • Heavy water and water reuse

  • High concentration wastewater treatment such as livestock wastewater, leachate, and food wastewater

  • Essence of high turbidity raw water

| i-MBR system & Operating condition


* Area for I-MBR Block

** May vary depending on raw water properties and operating conditions

*** In the case of high-concentration wastewater treatment, the amount of treatment may vary depending on the nature of raw water and operating conditions.

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