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High performance membrane for MBR process

Our 40ft MBR Containerized System is a top-of-the-line wastewater treatment solution for construction camps that uses the highly effective Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process to treat up to 50m3/day of domestic waste. The system operates fully automatically with remote monitoring through SCADA for optimal performance and features a highly durable and efficient membrane that provides a constant supply of high-quality filtered water. Additionally, an activated carbon exhaust fan and a filtering system efficiently remove odors and sludge, while the operator room with air conditioning ensures a comfortable working environment.

| Features of MBR Containerized System

  • Automated System - Our MBR system operates completely automatically, allowing for effortless and convenient operation. Remote monitoring through SCADA ensures optimal performance at all times.

  • High-Quality Filtered Water - Our system utilizes a membrane that is highly durable and efficient, providing stable and constant filtered water quality.

  • Odor and Sludge Removal - Equipped with an activated carbon exhaust fan, our system eliminates unpleasant odors, while a filtering system efficiently removes generated sludge.

  • Comfortable Operator Experience - Our system includes an operator room with air conditioning so the operator can easily check the system's status while in a comfortable working environment.


| Main applications of MBR Containerized System

  • Municipal wastewater treatment

  • Reclaimed water reuse for temporary construction sites

  • Industrial wastewater treatment for food & beverage industry

  • Agricultural wastewater treatment for irrigation

  • Residential and commercial wastewater treatment (e.g., living apartments, offices, shopping centers, hospitals, camps, mines, industrial parks), etc.

| References of MBR Containerized System

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