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cMBR/ MBR/ Membrane/PHILOS


High performance membrane for MBR process

Megaflux-cMBR is a submerged membrane cassette frame suitable for small to large-scale MBR processes.
It is applied to various industrial fields from sewage treatment to industrial wastewater treatment, as well as water reuse. When replacing an existing membrane, it is manufactured to the same standard and can be easily replaced.

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| Features of c-MBR

The membrane is produced with an impregnated coating technology that is not easily peeled off, and its asymmetric sponge cross-section structure provides an excellent recovery after suction filtration that maintains long-term stable performance.

  • High Strength Fiber

  • High Particle Removal Rate

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

  • Outstanding Performance

  • Easy Recovery

Hollow Fiber Membrane
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| Megaflux-cMBR Module & Cassette Frame

Our MBR features modules with two heights that can be applied depending on the site's conditions.

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PHILOS Module Specification.png

| Main applications of c-MBR

  • Sewage treatment MBR

  • Membrane Replacement

  • Wastewater treatment MBR

  • Water Reuse

  • Livestock wastewater

  • Hospital wastewater

  • Food processing wastewater

  • Laundry wastewater

  • Landfill Leachate

| c-MBR Operating Condition & Specifications

PHILOS_cMBR_Operating Condition.png
PHILOS_cMBR_Specification .png
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