PHILOS manufactures membranes and research equipment systems.

PHILOS produces MBR membranes for wastewater treatment, UF membranes for water treatment, and various types of membranes and separation and concentration systems.

In addition, PHILOS provides the best equipment and technical services to researchers related to Membrane.

PHILOS' decades of experience are enough to tackle new fields.

Humidifiers for fuel cells, membrane bio-reactors for cell culture, membranes for dehumidification, and membrane contactors are the new technologies that PHILOS pursues.




MBR, UF, MF, RO, dehumidification membrane

Fuel cell humidifier, cell incubator MBR

Membrane contactor

R&D System

Hollow fiber spinning, coating

module potting & cutting

Flat sheet membrane casting

TFC coating and spiral-wound rolling

Membrane evaluation systems

Consumer Products

Portable water purifier

Sterilizing coating agent for long-term maintenance, enzyme cleaning agent

Household products with advanced technology

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60, Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea | Tel: 82-2-859-3456

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